Chillventa 2014

Chillventa 2014
4. December 2012 ArtHOC Design

It turned on cold, space air and warm pumps this year again on Chillventa in Nürnberg. We might realise immediately three times our ideas and satisfy our customers.

Suitably on the fair subject Cold the exhibition stand of the company Celltherm Isolierung GmbH provided for a refreshing appearance by icy elements and colours.

We equip our customer Wurm Systems with an especially remarkable running around banner. Therefore became the eye-cacher for about 30,000 visitors and provided for positive discussions.

The company Teko Kältetechnik GmbH prepared itself this year on immediately two lying side by side states from and lured by loud colours and graphics the visitors to her state. Their new product series ROXSTA, RANSTA and MONSTA met a good approval with it.