We are Committed…

… to our fellow human beings and the region that we are living in. Social commitment is important to us. That is why we support the following projects:

The St. Antonius-Haus GmbH Herten is a modern and differentiated institution of child and youth welfare

Their assistance interventions give injured and sick girls and boys a chance to survive since they could not been treated in their conflict-and-war-torn home countries.

What seemed to be utopian to the visitors back to the founding of “forum kunstvereint e.V.” in 1989, today stands on a solid foundation. In September 2001, the Consol Theater in the ventilating building of the former coalmine Consolidation opened and offers since then theatre offers to all generations.


Environmental Protection Belongs to our Standards

When it comes to trade fairs, interior design or shop fitting we devote a great deal of energy. We are aware of the protection of our environment for a long time.

Mountains of rubbish?

We want to prevent!
Using largely environmentally friendly, recyclable materials.

Colour effect?

Our goal: delivering impressive results – water-soluble paints make it possible.


For the wow effect: installation of latest technology based on current environmental standards.

Transportation via trucks?

Are unfortunately indispensable.
We therefore rely on clever logistics and use of the optimum capacity of our vehicles.